Dunya API

We provide an API to give access to the content collected and created as part of the CompMusic project

You can find documentation on how to access the API on our documentation page In order to use the documentation you must use an API token which identifies your user. After signing up for a user account you can find your API token on your user account page.


We have published a selection of demo code that shows how to use parts of the Dunya API for analysis of the content. All of these examples are written in Python using Jupyter notebooks to present the code and results.


We make some content available only to academic researchers who wish to reuse it for additional research.

We generate the following classes of data

Descriptive information about the music in each collection
Audio recordings of music in each collection
Additional files
Additional files collected during the project (scores, lyrics)
Automatically created files
Information generated by algorithms created by researchers during the CompMusic project
MetadataAudioAdditional filesAutomatically created files
Carnatic CC collectionopenopenopenopen
Hindustani CC collectionopenopenopenopen
Arab Andalusianopenopenopenopen

Items in the open category can be accessed by any user with an API token. If you wish to use any of the items that are in a restricted category then you should send a request from your profile page explaining your academic affiliation and why you wish to use this content. After approving your request you will be able to access the content with your existing API token.